Reed Diffuser Care

Reed diffusers are a wonderful way to add long lasting fragrance to your home or office space. Perfect for smaller rooms, such as bathrooms or laundry rooms, or on a bed side table or desk space, reed diffusers offer the same beautiful scent as our candles without the safety concern of an open flame.

Please note the following safety precautions when using your diffuser:

  • Diffuser liquid is NEVER to be ingested or used topically on the skin (if ingested call Poison Control immediately)
  • Keep away from children and pets
  • Diffuser liquid is flammable. Keep away from any open flame, spark, or heat related sources
  • Do not use in an essential oil diffuser
  • Do not mix with essential oils as we do not know what type of reaction will occur
  • Always wash hands after handling your reeds



How do I use the reed diffuser?

  • Your reed diffuser comes with 8" natural rattan reeds. To begin using simply give the diffuser bottle a gentle shake to mix any liquid that may have separated, remove the lid, then place the reeds into the bottle. A good trick is to dip one side into the liquid for a few minutes, then flip the reeds over. This will give you an instant burst of fragrance! Be patient with your diffuser, however, as it can take a couple days for the liquid to fully absorb into the reeds and deliver a consistent scent. 

How many reeds should I use? 

  • That is up to you. The more reeds you use, the more fragrant your diffuser will be. We recommend using 10, then adding more as needed.

How long does a reed diffuser last?

  • This depends on how many reeds you choose to use. Generally, if you use 7-10 reeds the diffuser will last 3+ months. 

What is it made of?

  • Our diffusers are made of a proprietary blend of phthalate free fragrance oils infused with essential oils, and a non-toxic, VOC compliant diffuser blend. 

I'm not smelling anything. What am I doing wrong?

  • It is probably time to flip your reeds over. If you need a quick scent burst (like in the bathroom, perhaps) turn over your reeds to add extra fragrance to the room. It may also be time to add some new reeds. 


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